Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jack Becomes Ours

Jack is our dog. We've had him for almost 2 years!


This is how we got Jack. My sister wanted a pet. So we went to the pet store to look around. Then my aunt, my brothers, my pey, my dad, and my grammie went to the dog store. Soon my sister, my mom and I walked in and saw Jack. We played with Jack in the waiting room.

Then we bought Jack and he came home with us that night.

1st picture with Jack

When we first got Jack he was scared of going up and down the stairs and mostly everything. But after a couple of days, he got used to everything and got wild.

It was hard having a puppy  because he used the bathroom on the floor, stole the toilet paper, and chewed our toys.We had to train him to potty outside and keep our toys where they were supposed  to go.

Jack is trained now but he still is wild and mischievous. We are glad he's our dog. 


  1. Cute good gob on your 1st post

  2. What would life be without Jack? Dull, hue?!!!

  3. I'm glad you have Jack in your family! Especially when you go on vacation and leave him with me! He gets into mischief but he is so cute and cuddly you can't stay angry at him for long.

  4. Yep that is correct!

  5. I love Jack and life would be dull with out him. But Grammies right he sometimes gets into trouble but you can always forgive him. Love always,

  6. jack got his a shot at the vet the other day. he was not himself for a whole day. i did give him a bath i do not know how i gave him a bath when both of his legs hurt to be touched by anything. but he was himself a day after steeling stuff, wanting to play with anything we are playing with, and letting us touch were his leg had hurt a day before!!!