Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How many did you catch?

 So this is how it starts....

IMG_9250 Chris and Nate were out doing something in the yard. I went to go see what  they were doing.

To you it will sound disgusting, but to me it sounded cool they were out digging for grubs. Once I saw them I jumped down and started to look for them.

When we finished, we had caught 100 grubs.

We put them in a bucket to keep them until next summer to use to fish. 


  1. they all died before summer.Like 200 days before summer.

  2. so our dream did not come true like we wanted it to. But we did keep them for like to two months.

  3. Hopefully Grandma does not see this. If she does she will scream. And hopefully Grandma will not see this comment,It will be bad if ever does happen.Any way those gruds were the best bugs I have ever seen in my whole entire life but they are wet and soft when you pick them up

    1. I did see this! Can you believe Uncle Ronald used to make me put the worm on the fishing hook when we would go fishing?

  4. We have not seen very many grubs since the ducks started being outside. I think they are killing and eating the grubs.