Monday, June 1, 2015

Sylvan Heights Bird Pictures

A mute swam signet
 My family and I went to Sylvan Heights.

Sylvan Heights is a bird park that we love going to there are tons of birds to see.

My favorite birds are the macaws. They have a green one, a red one, a dark blue one, and a light blue one. I made a beautiful picture of the green macaw.


They also have flamingos and many birds from around the world. I took a good photo of a flamingo too.

I Love going to Sylvan Heights!



  1. Great pictures, Lydia!! I especially like the green macaw. They're really smart birds and can learn to say a lot of words.

  2. There were white macaws in a different cage that would dance if you clap and they would copy what ever you say.

  3. we went to Sylvan Heights with Grandma and Granddaddy. The last picture Mom took. I already showed Grandma and granddaddy the pictures. Grandma's favorite was the green macaw. I do not not now which one Granddaddy likes the best.

  4. we went to Sylvan Heights the over day. We had fun and the white macaw danced like a lot. He went upside down and hung of the branch he was sitting on. It was very funny! We also feed the flamingos and parakeets. The parakeets were not eating a lot but the flamingos were eating a ton. We also saw some ducks with a nest that had three little, white eggs in it. So we did have fun and I love going to the fun bird zoo Sylvan Heights. Sylvan Heights is a fun place to go and enjoy seeing birds!

  5. they put some more macaws in!

  6. I was thinking about posting about the ducks but every body knows about them. I just thought..... should I post just about Gus-Gus? but then you would not know about the rest of them. I will think more about.

  7. I might just actually do it

  8. my family and i went to sylvan heights the other day with my grammie and one of my youngest cousins. when we went the dancing unbrella bird was not there to dance for my cousin. but he still liked it.